Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The slopes

I should be hitting those slope tonight. Anyway, Parasitism is not good for health.
Next week oke!

I made a decision, a right one I guess.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Inspiring Thought...

You come to work at 5 in the weekend, and 6 for Gracies on weekdays? That would really brought you to achieve further in this life man - Dan
I really did not want to complain about my working hours as that what I choose before. There is no point why I should regret about it. But I was a bit messed up when it comes to exam week. Yeah, I did complaining once, but I hope no more. By the way, those word of encouragement from the manager just now somehow bring back my spirit. 

Custo for life!

Thank you Dan.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hey, it's 2011...

New Year
New Mission Set
New Thinking Develop
New Experienced Gained
New Memory Set
New Friends Known
New Knowledge Learned
New Fun Enjoyed
New Iphone Maybe...

Old Memories be Remembered
Old Friend Become Closer
Old Knowledge Sustained
Old Bad Behavior Discarded
Old Good Behavior Maintained
Old Lovely RIT

Hopefully, InsyaAllah. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Muktamar 2010

So here was the updated that I already stated before,about Muktamar 2010.

Muktamar 2010 was held in St Louis, Missouri last week. It was an annual event of MISG with collaboration with IMSA. The theme for this year was

In The Spirit of Humility, Reaching Out for All Humanity

For me, this event was a success. Over time we had to have something to feed our soul and strengthen our Iman.  I found it here! Yes, I did not go to all programs, but somehow it makes me think how good am I as a Muslim. The speaker choose by the committee was superb. Some of them were Sheikh Umar Baloch, Imam Abdul Malik, Ustaz Hasanuddin, Dr Hafizi and others. Thank you to all the speakers.

Being in this event made me realize how much I have to improve my faith. I also realized to not take for granted the fact that I was born as a Muslim as it actually means nothing except you were born and raised in Islamic environment. Yeah, I should be glad to be born as a Muslim, if not, I don't know what my fate are, either I found Islam as the true way of  life or not.

And this Muktamar also showed me the ukhwah build between Malaysian and Indonesian in the US. We did watched the final AFF Suzuki Cup together. And those laser issue was not been said even once, and the program run smoothly after that. Those was only a small issue which were useless to think of.

By the way, Congratulation to IMSA and MISG comittee for the event.