Friday, March 23, 2012


Somebody asked me today,

"Why you looked so happy all the time. No problem at all, or new girlfriend or what?"

First, yes I smile all the time because thats what my name means, Farhan = Happiness. How I can't be happy if everybody is calling me that? It is a dua right?

Ust Salahuddin called me Farhain during the spring break. Double the happiness, double the smille! :)

Secondly, no girlfriend. I tell you, it is not worth it. It is a total waste of youth life, at least for me. Depends on the 'intention' at the first place though.Well it worth to think about marriage. That's permanent. Haha. Well only time can tell.

Third, Problems? I got a lot. Anyway, a lot is subjective. Well, how to deal with the problems matters. I even can't walk properly, but I know there is somethings lies beyond that disabilities.

Fourth, life is too short for trivial stuff. Without we realize, the closest things that will happened to us is death.  A scheduled journey without itinerary. I don't easily takes thing personally just because it just a waste of the emotion.

Fifth, the surrounding is just awesome! Awesome families, friends and community as a whole. I just love it. This niche is the best that I can dream for!

Anyway, it is important just to reflect on what are the things that is happening in our daily life. The difficulties is a test, but the ease is a greater test for us. Don't be arrogant on what we have, and don't be downgraded on what we don't have. Yeah, it is easy to said than done. But this are the key thing to be remembered. InsyaAllah happiness will follows if we really do this kind of things.

Happiness do not defined by money, it does not define by wealth, it is also not define by how many friends do you have. Happiness is inside feelings that you feeling satisfied with life.

Last week halaqah, we talked about how we should find a 'hikmah' for everythings that happened. It does not suppose to be bad things, it also can be a good things.

Without the hikmah, we tend to easily give up on Allah. We also tend to forget Him when we are at ease. Allah says in Surah Al-Fajr 

This things just come across my mind several times, to reflect what happened in life recently. Within 3 months, things change dramatically I guess. Anyway, lets not turn backward but shoot forward towards Mardhatillah. 

All in all, we just need to remember everything was set the way it is because that is the best plan from Allah. If one of us had difficulties, and others earns a fortune, it just because that is the best plan.

This is the best booster ever. Given by my dad, on the most depressing time, last year.
P/s: Tahniah to Abby!