Saturday, March 9, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 71

MySa meeting!

Personally I don't enjoy MySA the way I had when I was freshman.

People come, people go, people change, people evolve and we adapt!

About 5 weeks more for me as President, let makes the best out of it!

100 Days to Graduation: Day 72

For the first time I got the chance to dissect and work with the lab mice.

Yes, sometimes science can be cruel.

100 Days to Graduation: Day 73

Do you want to build a building with a broken foundation??

Let prepared ourselves and choose wisely!

Monday, March 4, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 74

First day of the last quarter!

I will miss this land...

100 Days to Graduation: Day 75

Paintball with the brothers. Awesome game everyone!

It was more awesome to go to Denny's with kain pelikat though.

100 Days to Graduation: Day 76

Big day!

Hanya mampu melihat dari jauh. Namun doaku tetap bersamamu. InsyaAllah diberi kebaikan dan keberkatan oleh Allah.

Hikmah Allah dimana-mana. Mari kita berusaha mencarinya.


100 Days to Graduation: Day 77

First time after several years, I played badminton competitively again!

It was really good games played just now. The new racquet was good also!

The leg was treating me well.

Lets do some intensive recovery in the spring!

100 Days to Graduation: Day 78


Several lesson learned out of Whiteface!

Don't be arrogant on how well your skills are, because there is always lot more that you didn't know.
The mother nature makes me realized how great Allah is. If the creation is so perfect and beautiful, definitely the creator is the Greatest!
Whiteface reminded me that I also need to gain stamina, reduce weight and tone my leg! The desire is huge but the body can't take it anymore.

The views is so beautiful that I don't feel want to even blink!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 79

Seriusly, can't wait!

I miss the Seniors! We played winter sport, soccer, badminton and everything to the fullest. The old good days!

Friday, March 1, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 80

Being adult is not limited to learning more knowledge, endure the world and gaining more experience.

It also requires the changes in our preference. Did the preference will still be the same even when we have different values from before?

And the very least example that I can think of today is changes the preference in choosing movies.

Choose movies that at least have some lesson and can nurture values that we would like to have.

And what I chose today is Kurbaan.

It might bring some speculation but I would say "take the good, and leave the bad"

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 82

Some random plan. I love random plan because it always turn out awesome!

Chicken wings were everywhere.

It were even better than what we bought in the local halal store because it is homemade!

Cheap as well!

100 Days to Graduation: Day 83

Second time I pulling out trash for 6 hours straight.

I'm working here is not solely because of the money.

It teaches me to be responsible, and value the money.

The hardship makes me matures, InsyaAllah.

100 Days to Graduation: Day 81

One friend is being so sweet to me today..

Finally the spam at her timeline is worth it.

To that person, thank you for the early graduation gift! I'm flattered! Haha

Saturday, February 23, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 84

A beginning of being adult.

Don't blame others.
Sometimes you want something that isn't good for you and Allah knows best.

Qoute from FB:
If you want something, but you don't do tahajjud, you actually don't really want it.


100 Days to Graduation: Day 85

Post exam treat to ourselves!

This had been the hardest and busiest quarter ever.

Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and any other aspect!

Fuhhh its over!

100 Days to Graduation: Day 86


Maybe this is the best for you, us and everyone.

If we don't find the lesson, then all those tears just went down the drain.
 I definitely found one! A good one.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 87

Ski/snowboard is our passion!

The videos were awesome..

Hardest fell ever today!

Can't wait for whiteface next week

100 Days to Graduation: Day 88

Experiment menjadi!!

Satu kepuasan tak dapat digambarkan!

Monday, February 18, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 89

Today is Sunday! A day before finals exam week.

Some people were free without final,
Some people were stress preparing for final.

But one thing those people did in common, Cook Awesome Food!

And here is the result from either free time or stress by RIT students today!

by Aje from CM

by Ika from Province

By Su from PP
One advantage of being abroad, you have to cook by yourself, male or female, you just have too!

Hey at least thats a life skill that you will use forever...

So study hard and study abroad! It is a journey that you will not forget.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 90

Saya selaku pelajar tahun akhir yang bakal menamatkan pengajian Bioteknologi dalam masa 90 hari lagi ingin memberi nasihat kepada adik adik sekalian,

1. Janganlah berlengah dalam menulis buku catatan makmal anda.

2. Jangan mengambil mudah kepentingan buku catatan makmal anda.

3. Amalan bertangguh sesungguhnya menyeksa jiwa dan raga.

Silalah ambil pengajaran. Terima kasih.

*mood siapkan lab notebook 8 minggu selama 10 jam berturut turut*

Saturday, February 16, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 91

I came to Rochester with an empty and dry heart trying to find something to water it.

Luckily Allah blesses me with circle of friends that is shower the heart with something that would not evaporate.

Thanks Allah. Thanks Friends!

Friday, February 15, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 92

Science is full of Mystery!

I can't remember how I felt in love with it.

Every finding is awesome. Subhanallah!

The more we do research, the more we don't know... And some we will never know.

But remember,
There is The One that knows everything!!

100 Days to Graduation: Day 93

Durian Crepe in action. Promoting Durian before the presentation.

Just because we are proud of it!

Jadilah ikan di lautan, masih tawar dikalangan air masin.

Sedih melihat kawan yang ter'masin'..

Ingatlah, pintu taubat itu masih terbuka seluas luasnya!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

100 days to Graduation: Day 94

Released to the wild!

Awesome time TA-ing GE lab! It was fun to see all those stress faces taking exams while we were marking the lab notebooks!

Awesome lab, awesome time, awesome people! 

Thanks Dr Rothman for the opportunity!

Credit to: riziaq

Credit to: riziaq


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

100 days to Graduation: Day 95

The most adrenaline-rush preparation for
presentation ever. The presentation went well though.

7 page in a day!

I love adrenaline, but too much is deleterious.

Take home note: Procrastination is not good after all..

Monday, February 11, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 96

Winter Recreation Volleyball Champion! Nice game guys!

100 Days to Graduation: Day 97

Because taking picture during Nemo storm is too mainstream, we were pulling trash instead!

And snowboarding at last!

100 Days to Graduation: Day 98

Nemo hitting us hard!

It was sad to call of the winter race...

Awesome view though! Subhanallah... 

100 Days to Graduation: Day 99

Science is sometimes cruel..

100 Days to Graduation: Day 100

It really happening soon!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter Break Finale: The Ibrah

This winter break will come to its end in 2 days. Well it is kind of mixed feeling inside here as sometimes I wish for more longer holiday for homeworks and sometimes I wish it was over so that I would not wasting time doing nothing. 2 weeks seems pretty short considering I was travelling for a week. Anyway Vermont was awesome!

Those were not the thing that I was thinking to write about. This 2 weeks holiday seems pretty short, but full of lessons. Life lessons.  A valuable one I shall say. 

An advice from a friend:
Do you want to build a building with a broken foundation and hoping it will sustain forever? 
 The words explained by itself I suppose. Anyway, lets build a whole new foundation and make sure it is stronger this time, shall we? Speaking of truth, to demolish a building and start it over wasn't that easy.'Tetapkan hati' is the key!
Oh by the way, thanks for the advice, brother!

Somebody questioned me why I seems to have lots of problem even though our immediate surrounding was almost the same. Same school, same degree and same circle of friend. I couldn't think of an answer at that particular time, but now I had one. Be glad (Bersyukur)! Allah chose me and not you. I'm glad that Allah chose me to face the challenges. You should be glad that Allah didn't choose you to face the problem. We don't know how much burden that we could put into our shoulder, but Allah knows.

Stowe mountain was awesome, the trail was tempting. But the mountain also showed me to know your limits. Malay proverbs, "Ikut hati mati, ikut badan binasa". There was one time that I really want to go up the mountain, but I know that I was not fit anymore to go down the trail. My way down was horrible, felt down every 2 minutes. After I finished my horrible way down, I was eager to go back up again. Just because there was still one hour and a half left before the mountain closed even though I knew that I will be killing myself to go down later. I finally decided its enough. I need to consider my obligation to my own body over the desire. The desire can be destructive sometimes.
Stowe, Vermont! 
Here is several things about advice. Everyone needs it, there is no reason that someone can't give advice to somebody else. Anyway, there are several things that need to be considered. Don't simply tell someone you need to be patient, accept what happened! If someone ask for advice, s/he already did those thing beforehand. There are also skills in giving advice, using personal experiences seem to work best as it kind of proven that it work and might work again. For the person who seeks advises, choose the person you refer to  so that they can give a good advice or you might ended up frustrating on the advise you get.

"Lepak-ing" and talking about current and futures issues with fellow friends was a nice way to fill up the free time. But talking about constructive issue, it would turn your free time into a valuable one. Tim Horton again, anyone?
Kedai Mamak, US edition. 

I could go on and on to list what I had learned for this two weeks, but this is it for now.

Oke bye!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Shattered Mirror.

Did we ever consider that the broken mirror can be a whole again?

Or maybe we are more concern about the crack that left rather than about the mirror that reform?

Lets put the shattered glass together again, shall we?

So that I could see an image of myself again, not 2, and not 3. Not even thousand!

To make sure I can still see myself from a perspective.

And I don't have to move myself left and right, to fit my whole image into the broken glass.

Even so, I still couldn't fit my whole self into all of the shattered glass either.

But why the mirror was broken at the first place?

Was that a rock thrown that directly hit the mirror?

Or was that resonance that vibrates the mirror so violently that shattered all the glass away?

Or was that the pieces were too old to hold themselves together and suddenly broken away?

I don't have a clue or a glue. I wish I had.

Does it makes any different for now?

As the shattered glasses were swept away, by the wind of time?

I want to catch every pieces of it, keep it in a safe place. Until the time I had the glue.

But it were broken glasses for God's sake. Hurting myself more if I try to catch it.

Don't worry, the story does not end here. Same goes to the sadness.

Here come the sad part.

I don't remember how I look like in those mirror.

To rephrase that, I don't remember when the last time I look through the mirror.

I sometimes don't notice the mirror was there.

I don't clean them from dust, put them up to be seen.

I walked through the mirror back and forth, without stopping to appreciate it.

One day, it shattered away.

Speechless? I am. Crying? Done that.

It just because I don't appreciate it when its there!

Talking about past wasn't doing any good, right?

The mirror will not resemble again despite the words and tears.

So lets talk about reality.

I have shattered glasses everywhere, that seems hard to be resembled.

Maybe it's good to leave it that way.

or trying to find the clue and live with it.

or trying to find the glue and put it together.

It doesn't seem easy in near future though.

Finding a new mirror? No it is irreplaceable.

No definite solution might best describe the situation.

That's fine for now, I'll live with it.

La Tahzan, Innallaha Ma'ana.