Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kelana Convoy: Day 10 and 11

I'm back again. I'll compiled both day 10 and 11 in one post as there's nothing much to say on day 10.

Day 10
We pack our stuff in the morning in Italy and went to Swiss. The journey took the whole day. Well, the weather was nice and the view were awesome! The mountain and green field all around resemble the greatness of our Creator.

That night, we did some photo session, write name with lights! And below were some of the nicest

Day 11
Today, people scattered around Swiss. Some of them go to Interlaken using train, some of them go Jungfrau (the top), and some of them just spend time in Kleine Schneideg (Halfway). Me, along with Nadiah and her family were going to the top while Sha and As going to Interlaken.

The train going to the top cost about 142 Swiss Franc. That caused most of the people in the trip did not go to the top. For me, it was once in a lifetime experience, so I went there :).

At the top, we visiting the Ice Palace where everything inside was made using ice.

Later, we went to see the Sphinx, it was quite a good view there.
It looks like human face!

Then, I went for skiing!! It was quite a disappointment as I thought the trail was a real, challenging trail, but it wasn't. It was just for recreational skiing. Anyway, where else you can get a chance to ski in summertime?

Anyway, the best picture of all

which way does the glasses go? in or out? 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Kelana Convoy: Day 9

So today we left the best campsite of all, I forgot the name by the way. The destination for today is Pisa. The journey to Pisa took about 6 hours. We arrived at the campsite at 3 PM. After setting up the tent and whatso ever, we walked to the Tower of Pisa, which took us about 15 minutes. Nothing much to see except the leaning tower. Ironically, many pic was taken here with a lot of different action. Enjoy the pictures!

Along the way to the Pisa tower, there were a lot of awesome grafiti around. They were beautiful!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kelana Convoy: Day 8

Done with Florence yesterday with a bit dissapointment about the time, now we get a chance to experience Rome! The weather in Rome was so damn hot that make all of us in the trip tanned, literally.

We go to Rome by public transport from the campsite. First, we go to the Vatican City, the Christian Holy City! We had a chance to enter the St Peter Basilicca after a very long Q. It was quite fast though. Then, we had a short visit to Castel St Angelo.
The Vatican City! 

The Basilicca, dome and etc.
Castel St Angelo
After a while, we took a bus to Termini, a hub for the underground tube. We had lunch and then we went to the Colloseo (Colosseum). To enter the Colloseo we had to pay 12 euro for the tickets, which include the pass for  Foro Romano and Palatino Hill.The view inside the Colloseo was awesome! The technology for the ancient people to build up such a huge monument was impressing. The visit to Palatino Hill and the Foro Romano was not interesting as we had no idea about the history of both of it. Lesson learned: Get yourself ready with the history of each place!
The Colloseo! 
Inside view! 
The we walked to Pantheon. It actually a church, There's nothing interesting about it or maybe there's something but yeah, I don't read about the history yet. Oh wait, we made a stop at Piazza Venezia for a group picture!

In front of Piazza Venezia
The next stop was Fontana de Trevi. As describe by auntie, the fountain was quite popular and was shown in many movies. I don't know the truth is. There's a lot of people there. We only stop for a short time to takes picture and the move to the next stop which is Spagna. Once again, a visit there was worthless as we did not have any idea about the history there.
Fontana de Trevi!
The worthless Spagna! 
We then took a train to the last stop of the day, Pinchio Garden. The crew suggest us to stay until sunset as the sunset view there was stunning. Well, we did not stay as it was still early that time.
Rome from Pinchio Garden!
On our way back, at the train station, we met another group that says they go to the mosque, which is the largest mosque in Europe. We was quite upset as we did not know it earlier. One more things, we did walk to the campsite as the bus was quite late! The 20 minutes walk feel like forever! Haha.

Lesson for the day: read the history of the places!
Next stop, The Leaning Tower of PISA!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kelana Convoy: Day 7

So today we had a chance to visit Florence. Oh wait, did I mention about some foreigner selling fake handbags and glasses around Italy? It is just the same with Malaysia where we can get the fake stuff everywhere. But beware, never ever dare to ask the price from them, you'll not get away easily. They'll keep asking and asking, and even follow you as you walk.
I love you!
We spend about two hours around Florence, which I would say it was not enough. We arrive at the next campsite a bit early that day, so it would be best if we could stay a bit longer!

To enter Florence, we had to pay the visitor tax. It was 300 Euro for a bus! In Florence, there we handmade handbags and other leather stuff that as good as the designers. You can also shop for gold in Florence. It was at Pento Vecchio, where all the shop along the brigde was a gold shop.
Ponte Vecchio

There were also Ulfidzi museum and forgot-the-name cathedral.Many Michelangelo arts was here. I didn't read the history about Florence, so yeah.  By the way, enjoy the picturesss!

I found BATA in Italy...

The Duomo...
Did I tell you there are many naked sculpture in Italy?
Here's one of it...

See you tomorrow for more naked sculpture!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Kelana Convoy: Day 6

Yesterday, after setting up tent at Camping Fusina campsite, we had a chance to play soccer with some men at the campsite. It was ]a great time as I haven't play soccer for quite some time. I also get to know other people better too that time.
The destination for today was Venice! We got a chance to watch The Tourist on our way to Italy yesterday. The view of Venice from the movie was nice indeed. However, the crew tell us don't put high expectation on Venice. So we did.

Piattzza St Marco 
In Venice, we visited the Lace factory, a traditional handmade craft. The craft takes forever to finish. The handmade craft was nice but expensive!

This tablecloth take 8 month to complete by 7 lady!
It cost 1000 Euro!!!
Next, we had a chance ride the Gondola. A must-do-thing in Venice! It was quite nice. By the way, our boatman was not so friendly. I've heard other boatman told the passenger about the history and others. Anyway, thanks to the boatman, we had a chance to be around the Venice!
Our gondola!
Thanks Gondola-man!

Venice was not as nice as being picture in the movie. The route was too crowded and you can get lost in there. The maps given was useless when you arrive in the city itself. The interesting thing is, if I got this right, there were no land transports in Venice including bike.

After coming back from Venice to the campsite, I had a chance to snap the sunset view. Subhanallah it was a nice view.

 Ok next stop! Florence!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kelana Convoy: Day 5

So now, it was day 5. Last night it was rain heavily, even the cooking tent almost being flew away. At that night, in the cooking tent, I along with the guys that joined the trip held the tent to its position and also open cafe for drinks. I started to know the guys better that night! It was a wonderful night indeed. The nasi lemak also was delicious!

During the day, we went to Innsbruck. It was quite a small town in Austria yet it is the capital city for the state of Tyrol. In Innsbruck, we get a chance to see the Golden Roof. The roof was not actually made by gold, but the copper plate and gold coating. It is a symbol of greatness for the King at that time.
The golden roof and a silver women! 
The invisible. 

Another monument in innsbruck!
We also had a chance to buy Swarovski product here. It was quite cheap compare to the other places. If I'm not mistaken, the Crystal World exhibit was closed due to renovation, so it was quite a dissapointment for us. Anyway, many of the people in my trip get Swarovski product here, or at least a Swarovski Keychain for 12 euro. Not me! XD P/s: too bad no swarovski picture was taken.

We also visited Bergisel, the ramp for ski jump for Winter Olympic 2012 I think. The architect for the ramp was Malaysian.
Bergisel jump!

 These were the pictures around Innsbruck!

Team USA

The scenery in Austria is very stunning. There quite a lot of mountain along the road. I just love it.

Nice one!
After Austria, we were on our way to Italy! Tomorrow would be nice with Venice as our destination!
Sorry for the late post! See you again tomorrow!