Sunday, April 24, 2011

MySA Election..

First of all, Congratulations to the new RIT MySA eboard members that been elected yesterday. I hope you guys would do you the task given thoroughly. The trust had been given, so take the responsibilities and reach the best out of yourself. 

To whoever are easily offended or small minded, please leaves this blog now.

On the side note, I personally had a several comments on what going on last night. Before that, this post is not related to my lost  in last night election at all. I decided to write this as a reminder, for me and whoever care to read this post.

1. We started with manifesto presentations. When you were nominate as the candidates, it means that some people want you to be on that position. Yes, you get supports from some people, so don't afraid to stand up and state your points.

2. Well, I did not deny that holding responsibilities are the most difficult things on earth, but that does not means with that sentence, you hold your back and did not want the positions. Allah already elected you as a khalifa in this world; can you run from those responsibilities? Dear self and friends, it is time to stand up and push our-self beyond the limits.

3. I screwed up my debate. It was like the first time I ever been in debate team, and I never watched English debates before. Basically, now I know that my weaknesses, which were I did not have enough critical thinking skills and the courage to talk in front of the people. Stage fright, shall I say? I hope there's another debate next time. New Mr Pres, take note!

4. The paper ballot went well, the announcement was also good. It will be much more excitement if the amount of vote that is so closed  was announced. Well, no hard feeling though..=)

5. At the end, someone told me, if you did lost by one vote, that was his vote because he simply looked the next person sitting beside him and voted the same. Well, I did not blame you for the lost, but next time do vote for yourself. Be responsible!

All in all, yesterday night teach me a lot about almost everything. I glad I gone through that night! And don't forget, I'll never failed myself easily in this [click link].

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dah Grad

Maka dengan ini, diisytiharkan bahawa pelajar-pelajar tajaan Mara dan JPA sudah menamatkan pengajian di Institut Tarian dan Seni Kebudayaan  Rochester. Mereka telah menamatkan pengajian dengan thesis yang amat memberangsangkan. Berikut adalah sedikit cuit-cuit tentang thesis mereka.

Thesis dimulakan dengan dikir barat!
Puteri Hang Lipo datang melawat
Sultan mencari damai di kampung...
Berjumpa pula dengan penunggu gunung...

Akhirnya berjumpa Si Puteri...
7 dulang enggan dipenuhi, sultan berundur membawa diri...

Ke borneo sultan pergi, puteri berbunuh kerana dengki...

Tun diculik lanun hantu
Sultan menolong tiada berbantu
Pantang menyerah sebelum darah
Demi untuk Tun Fatimah!

Rakyat gembira berdansa berdansi
Siaplah thesis kali ini!
For those who missed that night, this might add some values to your lost!

Dear Malaysian students, After being personally invited by my students, I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the Malaysian Night yesterday evening. Thank you so much for taking the time and exerting the energy to put this on for your fellow students and faculty at R.I.T.  It was truly an enriching experience.

The musical play based on the search for love by Sultan Azuraddin Shah was delightful and fascinating.  The tale was mystical and the Sultan is lonely, but gives his first love, a Chinese Princess away to the one she loves in an act of kindness, then how he rises to the challenge of a Fairy Princess (a goddess in other cultures I think) with the amazing feats of strength and cunning to win her, only to adhere to his principles, allowing only unconditional love.  Then the sad tale of meeting two lovely mystical princesses who kill each other as a result human nature, and then coming to the incredible story of how the Sultan slays a gang of pirates to free a simple village woman who helps him, and how they fall in love.  I think it is an amazing tale and am still spellbound by the acting and the amazing dancing and music.

The acting was fabulous, the dancers were talented and energetic, the choreography was stunning, the costumes and props  amazing !  It combined a great mixture of acting, music and delightful humor!   The amount of time and work you must have all put into this and your standing ovation at the end was very well deserved.
Congratulations on a truly remarkable performance and - thanks for the treats after the show too ! 

Dr. Hans Schmitthenner, adjunct prof in Chemistry

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yes, it's free

We paid for the diseases, yet the cures are free....
Yesterday, during the usrah, someone re-qoute this statement, originally said by a muallaf. Can you get what meaning relies behind this simple qoute?

 If you wondered what this qoute is all about. Try to recall back sin that you had done before? Does it cost you money? Or at least it buy you your calm feeling as you feel uncomfortable doing a sin?

Marilah kembali kepada fitrah!
Hey!  Remember, the Cures is always free. It just cost you your time. Time to repent, time to be with you Creator, time to be with you Forgiver, time to be with Allah.

May Allah grant us forgiveness for all our wrongdoing. May Allah leads us the right path to Him. Ameen...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Snow please come again...!

Seriusly, I miss this. Please come again winter, please! 

Note to self:
Manusia, mmg susah nak bersyukur!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I promised myself to be happy every day, every hours, every minutes, every seconds, even every tenth to the second. For whatever thing that happened, I will go through it happily.
Happy enough??
Reminder to self: Just don't be sad for unforeseen reason. Well, it is not happened yet though. Just don't lose your faith.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Which brain are you....

Pick you dominant color!! Reflect you life with the suitable color.

We will blend perfectly with people that choose the same color.
But remember, not all of us are dominant for the same color.
Be tolerate and considerate!

This Whole Brain model was introduce by Mr Fabian De Rozario at Leadership Seminar 
organized by Embassy of Malaysia with student sponsors couple weeks ago.