Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Stop...

The 2010-2011 academic year had come to the end. All the good and bad things happened, all challenges that came along, all the pain that followed, all the tears that flowed out and all the laugh that been shouted had thought me many great lessons. Lessons of friendships. Lessons of life.

I remembered the moment where I had to wake up early in the morning on weekdays to go to works with Nadiah. I still couldn't tell where the courage to wake up came from, but it did prove me that wake up early is never impossible. 

I remembered the moment where I had to woke up at 4 am, as my work start at 5. Without Wak accompanied me through that time, I think I never woke up that early. Oh wait, he drove me to work too. Thank you Wak.

Winter Roadtrip!
I remembered the moment where several of us going for a road-trip. I had it twice before, and it was great as a whole. Thank you to all friends that let us stay over in your house. To whoever was in a roadtrip with me, thank you for the memories. It had been great to have a chance of knowing you better.
Fall roadtrip!

I remembered when I had been tested by Allah with several challenges that come one after another. Start with losing job, problem with cars and some others. There were friends that really care, while some others were not. Well, that was their preference though. However, to whoever did care and support me through the time, a gazillion thanks are never enough.

I remembered when I almost astray from the right path and the heart was empty, come several friends and brought things that filled the heart.  I never joined Usrah, even I insisted not to join one before. I hope the bond that we made, will strengthen over time. 

I will miss the time where we struggled for exams. You guys had become the courage for me to study harder, without you knowing it. Special thanks to Nadiah, Wak, Wahie, and Biha. I did put you as a benchmark, and try to get even higher. Let study together again next year!

Bristol, you are missed!
I remembered the winter season, the skiing and snowboarding every week. This season was awesome. Lots and lots of improvement achieved. Thank to RIT for having a wellness class for skiing and snowboarding. Thanks to MARA for paying the tuition fee too.  Oh, I really miss this. To Chot, Amer, Azlina, Nadiah, Sha, let take the class and have fun together next season, ok?

Malaysian Night!
The GU Unification and Malaysian Night were awesome. It was a great experience to work with all of you, members of RITMySA. Let keep the pace and achieve more. We'll try our best for next year, shall we?
GU Unification! We are the winner!
Budu Sedak and Kismis FC was also awesome. I had fun playing with you guys. Lets fight and win in the Midwest next week. 
Budu Sedak FC!
To the graduating senior, you guys will be missed. All of you was awesome, I personally glad with the fact that I come to RIT and meet all of you. All those dances, joy and laugh will not be forgotten. Good luck in your future undertaking and life. For those who are ready to get married, make sure it will be on summer break or after my gradution.=D

RIT class of 2011.
Many Ups and Downs experienced through the year were priceless. Sometimes the challenges were hard to get through  Thank you friend that add the colors to both the Ups and the Downs. =)

Saturday, May 14, 2011


No need to be too sarcastic Mr. Fortune Cookies!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Prep

Advice from a brother from UoR. (I put it in my own word.)

We had been studying for about half of average people life to prepared ourselves for the next step, work and family life. He himself had studied almost 30 years just to prepare for the working world in which the period is not certain, as death might come to end it. We making a preparation that we are not even know if it is worth it.

There is only one definite thing ahead, DEATH!
If that much efforts can we put for uncertain things, how about our efforts for the things that definitely will happen. How about our preparation to face the Death, Barkzah, Day of Judgment and ALLAH!. Remembered, there is no delay on this, even for one second. Yes, it has definite departure. Oh wait, the period for this is forever!

A reminder for us just in case we forgot!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zaman Kegelapan Itu

Allah pernah menduga,
Menguji hati yang lara,
Dengan seluruh perhiasan dunia,
Meniti hari penuh bahagia.

Wang dan juga wanita,
Mengaburi mata sang pemuda,
Hanyut di alam remaja
Persis ombak lautan bergelora.

Tidak tersedar dari lamunan,
Tiada nasihat dari teman,
Yang ada bisikan syaitan,
Mengheret ke alam kemaksiatan

Tidak tersedar sang pemuda
Kebahagian itu hanya sementara,
Yang kekal hanyalah dosa,
Sedia mengheret ke neraka.

Syukur Allah masih menyayangi,
Ditunjuk jalan yang hakiki,
Sang pemuda menginsafi diri,
Memperbetul kesalahan yang terjadi.

Namun ada perkara menghantui,
Perkara lampau menjengah kembali,
Kesalahan yang mustahil diperbaiki,
Hanya mengharap ihsan Illahi.

Hanya maaf mampu mengiringi,
Perasaan sesal diri ini,
Kepada tuan empunya diri,
Maafkan daku wahai saudari

Harapan aku hanyalah satu,
Kepada diri yang lemah ini,
Jangan diulangi kesilapan lalu,
Kerana sakitnya tidak terperi.

Tidak aku menyalah takdir,
Ada hikmah sebabnya hadir,
Mungkin pengajaran disebalik tabir,
Untuk peringatan umat muktahir

Takdir Allah amatlah pasti,
DikataNya jadi, pasti terjadi,
Mungkin buruk dimata ini,
Namun terbaik disisi Illahi.

Kepada sahabat dan rakan,
Aku mempunyai satu harapan,
Tergelincir aku dari landasan,
Taburkan teguran dibiar jangan.
Ukhwah Fillah (credit to Eriq)  
 Wahai Zaman Kegelapan,
Yang penuh godaan syaitan, 
Tidak teringat dek tuhan, 
Pergilah engkau tanpa berteman.