Friday, February 27, 2009

today is friday and tomorrow is saturday!!

like kathy said "i need a holiday", i am also want too.
this week is buzy, but not as busy as last week.

i had gone through the calc quiz, ctis test, speech comm test, demo speech and last but not least CT presentation.(did i miss something?)

the things that disappoint me this week was the calc test....i should get more if i am more careful in the test. how a constant will be a value after being differentiate?. why-2 x -4 become -8? i hate this carelessness. did i have solution for this prob? i can give the way to answer it, but i cant give the correct answer. i have the idea to solve it, but i far from the correct answer (- and + is contradict to each other. it lead me to different direction and had resulted me to be far from the answer).

the demo speech is quite terrible. my nervousness is obvious (maybe bcoz i afraid the wardrobe will demolish in a second-the connector is actually crack)

one more thing..did marissa tomei is the best informative speech topic?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thank You!!

"Dear Farhan,

I am happy to let you know you have been offered admission by RIT. Congratulations on your acceptance! Your acceptance package was sent to INTEC/UiTM with the others. "

thank you for the email...Mr McFee...

so...just one more barrier left...


however i'm still waiting for the other university for their confirmation. i hope i get both university. so i have 3 uni for me to choose a better one.

but, how to choose a better one...


community size?

study duration?


food?(haha,,,thats nonsense)

act i dunno how to choose between the uni because i do not have the firsthand view of the uni. so how?

any suggestion....?

talking nonsense b4 sleep....

still have cgpa ...does not need to have headache choosing university.

Friday, February 20, 2009

tiring week

finally it end.

waiting for exam week after diz...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a good news and a better news...

our good news is ......................(nothing important)
our better news is the demo speech is next week
applied to all adfp-ian i think...

what kind of better new like that?
sooner or later I'll demonstrate it ....just accept the fact is had been bring forward.

one more thing..
donate your BLOOD!!
save life...

*kepada yg xcukup darah 2 dikecualikan...
seperti ultraman (nama sebenar dirahsiakan)....haha

Saturday, February 14, 2009

who cares...

another unrelated title..

just want to show the 3D effect that u can do with the Qshot application...
just need a click for each layer...

p/s: only available for benQ users..

although not many using BenQ..
but who cares..??
i still want to show it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

sugguh trharu...

sugguh terharu hari ini tgok rumate aku tulis blog pasal aku n membe2 sebilik
smpaikan tertdo di ats laptop sendiri.
tpi malangnya gambarnya tidak boleh disiarkan atas sebab sebab kemanusian
tpi ak cukup menghargai adanya rumate yang macam ini
tidak dapat dinafikan bahawa BELIAU tersangatlah bersungguh sungguh untuk menulis tentang ak dan membe2 sebilik yang lain dengan penuh semangat yang jitu serta jiwa yang kental.
namun akhirnya beliau tewas dek godaan nafsu tidur tepat pada pukul 1 pagi taktala laptopnya masih menyiarkan dan memaparkan tulisan dan nukilannya yang menyentuh hati di skrin laptop itu.
sebenarnya beliau masih mahu meneruskan penulisannya itu, namu beliau tidak berjaya mengharungi dan menempuhi halangan mata dan nafsu tidor.
namun ak tidak menyalahkannya kerana aku yakin beliau akan terus menyambung post itu kepada edisi yang ke-2.
aku menunggu dengan penuh sabar dan berhemah untuk membaca blognya itu.

sekian sahaja sifat terharuku untuk diluahkan di sini..

kepada BELIAU...
pergilah tdor dahulu, nanti-nanti lah sambung blog post itu.
sekarang dengan mataku yang 2 ini, ku dapat melihat beliau tdor di atas katil itu.
akhirnya beliau telah mendapat tmpat tdo yang elok, bukanlah berbantalkan laptop.
walaupon selalunya benda yang mahal selalunya benda yang bagus, namun, laptop yang mahal tidak semestinya bantal yang bagus.
eloklah anda pergi mydin beli bantal dari tidor di atas laptop anda sndiri.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a very nice touch....

this is a very nice, beautiful touch of my lecturer (his name can't be written here for several reason) on my calculus note book..
thanks to him.
i also haven't know who is Miley Cyrus before, and he had introduce it to me...
another thanks to him.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

i want to pay a debt....

the tittle is not have the coherence to the words below. just ignore it.

finishing the calculus test make me relieved to start the weekend holiday.
gone through the week with the bio test n quiz, acs quiz, calculus test just like a disaster
haha....although it like an unacceptable hyperbola, that what it had be.
luckily i will have 3 days holidays...Taipusam.
it give me enough time to pay the sleeping debt...after for 3 consecutive day I slept around 2...for what?
study..that the most noticeable agenda, to prepare for the quizzes and test.
other than that??....
game(i have found a very nice game although it is childish, i addicted to it...haha), talking nonsense, and others@et cetera.
next week, i will have 3 days of classes i can hang out(does this word exist in the spring sem dictionary??) on Friday.

enough about the study.....
dont think about it now.let it be in silence until sunday evening, after that i'll think about it.(follow an advice from a lecturer)

about Honolulu...
it getting happier day by day.
the activities in class are very fun.

nothing much to write...
but wait till the next post...
i have a very nice pic to show...