Saturday, March 9, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 71

MySa meeting!

Personally I don't enjoy MySA the way I had when I was freshman.

People come, people go, people change, people evolve and we adapt!

About 5 weeks more for me as President, let makes the best out of it!

100 Days to Graduation: Day 72

For the first time I got the chance to dissect and work with the lab mice.

Yes, sometimes science can be cruel.

100 Days to Graduation: Day 73

Do you want to build a building with a broken foundation??

Let prepared ourselves and choose wisely!

Monday, March 4, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 74

First day of the last quarter!

I will miss this land...

100 Days to Graduation: Day 75

Paintball with the brothers. Awesome game everyone!

It was more awesome to go to Denny's with kain pelikat though.

100 Days to Graduation: Day 76

Big day!

Hanya mampu melihat dari jauh. Namun doaku tetap bersamamu. InsyaAllah diberi kebaikan dan keberkatan oleh Allah.

Hikmah Allah dimana-mana. Mari kita berusaha mencarinya.


100 Days to Graduation: Day 77

First time after several years, I played badminton competitively again!

It was really good games played just now. The new racquet was good also!

The leg was treating me well.

Lets do some intensive recovery in the spring!

100 Days to Graduation: Day 78


Several lesson learned out of Whiteface!

Don't be arrogant on how well your skills are, because there is always lot more that you didn't know.
The mother nature makes me realized how great Allah is. If the creation is so perfect and beautiful, definitely the creator is the Greatest!
Whiteface reminded me that I also need to gain stamina, reduce weight and tone my leg! The desire is huge but the body can't take it anymore.

The views is so beautiful that I don't feel want to even blink!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 79

Seriusly, can't wait!

I miss the Seniors! We played winter sport, soccer, badminton and everything to the fullest. The old good days!

Friday, March 1, 2013

100 Days to Graduation: Day 80

Being adult is not limited to learning more knowledge, endure the world and gaining more experience.

It also requires the changes in our preference. Did the preference will still be the same even when we have different values from before?

And the very least example that I can think of today is changes the preference in choosing movies.

Choose movies that at least have some lesson and can nurture values that we would like to have.

And what I chose today is Kurbaan.

It might bring some speculation but I would say "take the good, and leave the bad"