Monday, February 7, 2011

After a while...

It's been quite a while since the last post. I had almost no time to update and published something here, but I always think about doing it. It all because of two things, one is and so called "Ups" and one is "Down" moment!

Let's talk about what the Ups was
So here is it, RITMySA was the champion of Global Union Unification Night that took place last night. Good job, after 3 month of practice,despite all of the conflict raised, regardless how big the prob were, we had do it! To all of the participant, I just want to say thank you again that make this thing as a memorable things in my life. Really looking forward to work with you guys again.

This was the performance's video, really like it.

So here it is the so called Down
I'm back to basic, a jobless student in RIT. Yeah, I been terminated from the Custodian position as I took too much holiday to go to events in DC and NJ. I guess it worth it, InsyaAllah. Did I tell you that I had 2 jobs before, and I'll quit that job too in another 2 weeks.It is just because of religious concern.

No more...
So here is it. Later I'll update about the FreezeFest in RIT.

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