Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good Bye 2011!

InsyaAllah, with Allah blessing, a year had passed. With that, its means we are one year away from the Dunya, and a year nearer to the Death. Allah says, “Every soul shall taste death”. This is our ultimate destiny, a fate that certainly will come to every single soul, on time. As the time passed by, we shall reflect ourselves on things that we had experienced. All the experiences are wasted if we still on the same spot a year ago.

In school, we learn the lesson and get tested, but in life, we get tested and learn the lesson

Looking back the past, so many things had happened over the year. When I tried to remember it again, the series of event was the best sequence that I can ever imagine. Subhanallah. Let us start the highlight of my 2011.

This month is when I was working so hard to collect the money for Europe. Waking up every day early in the morning, sometimes at 4.30 am for work somehow proved to me that everything is possible. You just have to have courage and goals to do those. The ski seasons also started this month, and we go ski every week! I miss that moment! This year might not be as much ski trips as last years, and also without Jaei and Hussin. Oh wait, Chot admitted to hospital because of concussion on the first day of class also should be noted! Haha.

This month was a long month. I got terminated from one job and quit another one. It kinda hard to lose half of my income in a month, with the fact that Eurotrip already been planned. I survived the month though. Next, we won GU unification for the second time. It was a great performance yo!

I bought a new car, and the car broke down about two weeks later. That was a hard time, but with great friends around, I can get through those. Anyway, the car just play hide and seek. After I abandoned the car for two weeks, it run perfectly. Maybe Allah just wants to test us.

Malaysian Night! It was an awesome night. After struggling and go through conflicts, we made it! And we got a standing ovation at the end of the show. Thanks for those who came. The ski season also ended in this month. It’s kinda late for the year, but it bought me more time to play ski last season!

That almost the end of the academic year, which means, the senior are gonna get back for good soon! We threw them a graduation night and it was a memorable night indeed. You guys are awesome! Then we went to Midwest in Wisconsin, and Budu Sedak lost all the matches! That’s fine, lets try it again.
RIT class of 2011
This month, I lost my car again! I tried not to think about it again anyway. And finally the Eurotrips had come! It was a memorable trip with Nad and her parents, As, and Sha. Not to forget Canada and Newcastle Teams. We went to 8 countries in about 20 days. Its teaches me a lot, and cost a lot too. However it is worth it though.
Exclusive picture just for this post
This is what actually happen during the last summer. 

I was in Paris on my birthday! Then thanks for a “6/14 slices” cake from Nad, As and Sha! I went back to Malaysia and start working as usual. I became a Facilitator for a program in my high school and from that event, I can reflect myself 4 years back and who am I right now. At least I can feel that I’m growing up.

Nothing much happened. It was fasting month for us, Muslim. And we celebrated Eid on the 31st. I had such a great time during the Eid. It was a big celebration. And I just found out I was in 24th cousins out of almost 60 in my father’s side. Now imagine how chaotic our Eid was?
Half of us! 
I had an injury on the first day on September. I tare my ligament and going back to the State with crutches. Oh I ask for wheelchair in JFK too! Nothing much had happened. Fall quarter started and the subjects were awesome. I like those.

We bought a new car and hopefully my last car for the rest of the study here in RIT.  Nothing remarkable happened in the month though.

I end the Fall quarter with flying colors! Thanks to Allah. Fall roadtrip to Boston was also awesome. I had ‘great time’ spending my money during Black Friday! It was a nice way to end the Fall seasons.
Brown U!

I started my December with Mara’s Talk in Penn State. The talk is not thing that I want to mention about, but the Broomball game in one of the night was awesome! I hope RIT do have broomball. The winter quarter started for 3 weeks and stopped for break! And now here am I in San Francisco on the New Year’s Eve. Muktamar in Las Vegas and roadtrip for a week, FTW!! Updates are available soon!
West Coast!

 *picture will be updated soon. 

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