Monday, May 28, 2012

It's been awhile

It's been a while since the last post.  I think it been 2 month already. Many things had happened but I'm just to lazy to write about it. Lets see what I remembered..

Genetic Engineering
This was the best class ever. Awesome lecturer, materials, classmates and last but not least lab partner! Haha. The lab was overrated by seniors before as it does not as intense as described. Anyway, I admit it require more works than any other class. But its fun! or wait, maybe the fun blew the burden away and makes it looks easy! idk..

Lab Melayu
We had our Malaysian Night as usual and it might be the last ever Malaysian Night at RIT. This year was the least fun one, but we managed to pull out quite a good show. I said it was the least fun as the Malaysian Night failed to build unity among the members, different from the past 2 years. Maybe there are holes and edges that need to be fix. Anyway the people who came did enjoy the night! At least one objective was achieved. Good job everyone..

I would say I had so much fun being part of MSA. Working in groups of people with very different background and work ethics was a nice experience. It was unique. I left the eboard with a heavy heart. Everybody is leaving as well for another greater commitment. 2 of us becomes president of others clubs, 2 become part of GU and one become Senator for SG. We had the sentimental moment in the last meeting, and it was sad. We did argue and fight before, but at the end we wished nobody will ever leave. All the best for the new eboard! I'll help when needed.

See how unique we are!
Class of 2012
Congratulations to the seniors and some from my own batch for your graduations. Hope you guy enjoy the grad night! Haha. Anyway, good luck in the future and keep in touch.

Class of 2012!
Oh yes, Malaysian Night means the end for the MySA eboard. I run again for presidency and I won! Its not something to brag about but it is a challenge. I just want to develop skills while I got the chance. Its not sacrificing fun of final year doing MySA stuff as some people might says. I'm still new and lot more to come!

New eboard!
Oh btw, I wished I already graduated! Mix feeling.

Lastly: Malaysia in 10 days! Yeay!

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