Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Updates!

1. Finally the ACL had been fixed after 9 month. What's left is another 9 month recovery for soccer again.

2. Oh wait, ski? Maybe on March or April, or no at all. We'll see.

3. Now the intensive physiotherapy seems to progress well. I can walk again within a week. Maybe faster than everyone else in that physio gym.

4. The physio is not a simple thing though. Its better not to do the operation if you are lazy for that physio session. It's time consuming and boring, unless you get a good and "happy go lucky" groups like mine!

5. The Medterm progress was so slow. I'm glad I drop Online writing seminar. Can hospitalization be the reason?

6. I might not do the practical with that UIA lecturer though. It will be difficult if I went to physio thrice a week, and 2 days for practical?

7. Oh wait, the thumb seems unfixable. Another deform eh. hurmmm...

8. Need to start losing weight real soon. Or I might stuck at this heavyweight without having chance to lose it anymore.

9. The niat is there, but the motivation is gone! Or maybe I should create one. O Allah, ease me to continue my niat.

10. Finally, Kuantan after 2 weeks! It's been a long week though.

11. Need to get some serious thing to do, or I'll be distracted with lagho thing for the whole holiday. I need something serious and legit.

12. It's been a while since the last Usrah.. I started to miss them.

13. I always do something halfway! I'm not forgetting it, just delay it for later and never do it. That's me. Oh I dont like it at all though,.

14. This rambling was written on the last night on the hospital bed and it's 2 am already! Good nite!

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