Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thank You!!

"Dear Farhan,

I am happy to let you know you have been offered admission by RIT. Congratulations on your acceptance! Your acceptance package was sent to INTEC/UiTM with the others. "

thank you for the email...Mr McFee...

so...just one more barrier left...


however i'm still waiting for the other university for their confirmation. i hope i get both university. so i have 3 uni for me to choose a better one.

but, how to choose a better one...


community size?

study duration?


food?(haha,,,thats nonsense)

act i dunno how to choose between the uni because i do not have the firsthand view of the uni. so how?

any suggestion....?

talking nonsense b4 sleep....

still have cgpa ...does not need to have headache choosing university.