Friday, February 27, 2009

today is friday and tomorrow is saturday!!

like kathy said "i need a holiday", i am also want too.
this week is buzy, but not as busy as last week.

i had gone through the calc quiz, ctis test, speech comm test, demo speech and last but not least CT presentation.(did i miss something?)

the things that disappoint me this week was the calc test....i should get more if i am more careful in the test. how a constant will be a value after being differentiate?. why-2 x -4 become -8? i hate this carelessness. did i have solution for this prob? i can give the way to answer it, but i cant give the correct answer. i have the idea to solve it, but i far from the correct answer (- and + is contradict to each other. it lead me to different direction and had resulted me to be far from the answer).

the demo speech is quite terrible. my nervousness is obvious (maybe bcoz i afraid the wardrobe will demolish in a second-the connector is actually crack)

one more thing..did marissa tomei is the best informative speech topic?


asnida hani said...

tabah je la...
aku lagi la trok..
x taw pon ape aku buat even ak dapat soklan bocor..
padan muke budak pemalas..haizzz

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

sakit hati gak!!..ahha

faux fay said...

ur las quest lawak gla!!!!!!!!!!!

Tovah Feldshuh said...

Dude, it's MARISA, with 1 "s".

Melanie said...

I also did a lot of stupid mistakes for calculus test.
fight for the next test on thursday! :D