Thursday, November 18, 2010

Everything happened for a reason...

Yesterday I watched a movie, Devils with Chot and Zamy. It's basically about 5 people with a history of wrongdoing in their life. They got stucked in a escalator and the devil, which  appeared to be an old woman, killed a person at a time. She did killed herself too. So, there were a policeman that control the situation, which had lost his wife and kid during an accident which caused by a person which also in the escalator. The security guard, which believe in this such things as devils told him that there were reasons why he was here. So, basically, the devils makes the person commit that he was the one drive the car that cause the accident. And the police, at last knows the truth.

And just now, we went to have a dinner at a restaurant. After finished the meals, usually the waiter gave us fortune cookies, and the bill. After having the delicious foods, we will opened the fortune cookies and tell each others what it says inside. And sometimes, the fortune cookies quotes really fit that persons well. So, what I got today really figuratively "punch me straight to the face".

So, maybe a random thought to go to the restaurant just now is just because it will makes me feel that I should  start study. I guess I should start study NOW! Haha..

Everything happened for a reasons. 
There will always "hikmah" behind it. 
No matter how bad our path is, 
always remember there is light at the end. 

Have faith!