Thursday, November 4, 2010

Malaysia egg VS USA egg...

For those who been in US restaurant for the first time usually will not familiar with the type off egg offered here. I been in that condition too, and the only thing that I know to reply when the waiter ask how would I like my egg was "done".

Now, after 3-4 times works as omelette cook at Gracies (yes I got promoted..:p), I still confused with the term. And the people who order this fancy thing, (you can easily ordered omellete and do not need to order variety of fried egg which I did not familiar with), will usually will have a weird face when I gave them the egg, and I know it wasn't right. So, let see the Malaysian Egg VS USA egg.

Malaysian Egg

Telur Dadar (Malaysian Omellete)
- Made primarily with egg that been beat slowly in the bowl. Mix with onion, peppers and salt. Cook with vegetable oil.
Telur dadar

Telur Goreng (Fried Egg)
- Egg that cooked thoroughly until the yolk solidified.
Telur Goreng

Telur Mata Kerbau ( Bull-eye egg)
- Basically, it is "sunny side-up". Cooked only on the one side of the egg.
Telur Mata Kerbau


-Egg that been cooked in the cylindrical ring, mix with cheese, variety choice of meat(ham, sausage, bacon and etc), onion, peppers, olive, and many more.
- Milk are added into the egg.
- Usually cook using a cooking spray instead of oil.
Omelette, I usually cook with less stuff in it.

- However, there are also egg-white option, which primarily using an egg white that are already pack in a box.
Egg White Omelette
Scramble egg- 2 or 3 eggs, scramble with variety of stuff primarily same as the omelette stuff.
Stuffed Scramble egg

Sunny Side Up
- Fried egg that cooked only in one side only.The yolk is usually liquid and the white a bit runny.
Sunny side up.
-Fried egg that cooked on both side. The yolk have a thin layer (cook for a while). Most of the yolk is still liquid.
Over easy
Over-medium- Fried egg that cooked on both sides; the yolk is of medium consistency and the egg white is thoroughly cooked.
Over Medium
Over well/ Over Hard-Fried egg that cooked on both sides until the yolk has solidified.
Over well.

That's all that I can think about. One more thing, usually Malaysian cook using vegetable oil all the time, while American using the non-stick pan grill. It's more healthy in American way i guess. I also think of an idea to compare American breakfast and Malaysia breakfast, but just save them for later.


miss asnida hani said...

post mcm nak show off je..-_-"

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

jgnlah begitu....

miss asnida hani said...

hahahhahaha..aku x leh like la weyh..aku mana ade fb..wakakakkaka!!

aiSya said...

paan. :( telur mata kerbau pun aisya x reti. :( aisya pena nk try over-easy. tapi. mata kerbau pn x lepas. :| paling sng sunny side up la kot? haha.

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

over easy susah sbb tkot pecah!

sunny side up sng jugk la..