Monday, March 7, 2011

It's over

The break is almost over. Many things happened throughout the break, well some were good, some were bad.

I remembered one time when I was at the car care center, the mechanics there asked me to come after Jumaat prayer because he afraid I might miss my prayer while he fixing the car. And, he is not even a Muslim. His boss was a Muslim though, but I feel touched because he does care about my prayer. I hope he will get hidayah from Allah to become a Muslim. 

Basically every day during the holiday was filled by something beneficial, or at least not just sleeping and hanging around. Well, a "cheap" break but still great!
Breaking News:
My "car world" was over! Maybe for a week, months or even years. Only time can tell! 
Well it hard to accept the facts but that was Allah challenges. Alhamdulillah

p/s: can you find the news?


Mohamad Nazrul Fazli bin Abdul Mutalib said...

May Allah give you something better than what you have lost..:)

miss asnida hani said...

yes i can!!!! alolololo. kalau ko dtg sini aku bg ko aku belanja ko supaya ko makin gemuk dan gembire. nak?? tehhheeeeee~

w@k said...

terengat kate2 kat klas orgo td.which type of friend you are?who like to share the money or just come to you and say "it's ok.dont worry"

Fatin Inani said...

wow impressed nya aku :)
ramai muslim ka kat situ?

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

Yun: amin..insyaAllah
As: Xnak! :p
wak: hahaha...btol tuh wak!
Nani: x rmai mane kot, but cam kalau sembahyang raya nampak la dalam 3000 org...