Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Prep

Advice from a brother from UoR. (I put it in my own word.)

We had been studying for about half of average people life to prepared ourselves for the next step, work and family life. He himself had studied almost 30 years just to prepare for the working world in which the period is not certain, as death might come to end it. We making a preparation that we are not even know if it is worth it.

There is only one definite thing ahead, DEATH!
If that much efforts can we put for uncertain things, how about our efforts for the things that definitely will happen. How about our preparation to face the Death, Barkzah, Day of Judgment and ALLAH!. Remembered, there is no delay on this, even for one second. Yes, it has definite departure. Oh wait, the period for this is forever!

A reminder for us just in case we forgot!

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