Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's a race. Between you and me!

So today, I had a thought to graduate early from RIT. I wrote it on twitter and it became a breaking new! Yes it is. At least 6 friends replied back to me on twitter. Then we had been replying to each other about that thing.
The breaking new! 
 If I graduate early, I can find the job earlier that everyone else in my batch. I called it a race. Every year at least a  thousand Malaysian graduated with a biotech degree. Let count it. My batch here in RIT has almost 40 students, and approximately 100+ in the entire USA. I have friends taking biotech in UPM and UIA. I'm not sure about other IPTA in Malaysia, never heard of it but I'm pretty sure they have it. So a thousand make sense isn't it? I've seen many friends that are older than me that majoring in biotech. They surely will be graduating soon.
Joke2, marriage is not one of the reason! Haha
Well, if you said that this biotech was new field, and lots of job opportunities await in the future, I kind of agree with it. But still, in my opinion, whoever come in first into the field, will more likely to be on the top. Or it only applies on MLM only, no I guess. At least from my experience, first come, first serve is the ultimate rule.
Someone is supporting..=P
So it is a race between me and you. Well, I know that Allah knows the best and will decide the very best for all of us. It is just that what can I foreseen by this limited thought was this. A race to get a job and involve in this biotech industry. I also think about a master, and even a PhD, but still I need to get it quick.
Ready, Get Set, GO!
Then, now I am in dilemma, after rationalize my thought to graduate early from RIT, I afraid that I might regret if I take that decision. My bucket list of thing to do in the US still doesn't empty yet.

The truth is, I never satisfied skiing even I had been ski for 2 seasons. I just don't want it to end. I can't imagine if this year will be my last.. I don't have saving to for my future after graduate either. Well, I need it to start an independent life in Malaysia.
Yes, I afraid to leave US land, just because I might not stepping on it again. 
 I never been to several must go places in the US yet. Hey. it's once in a lifetime experience and I don't want to waste it. I want to go to Spain too. I doubt if I can save money by working in Malaysia to go for travel and other 'lagho' thing. Coming to US after going back to Malaysia also might be an impossible mission.
So how?
It might seem my reasons were a bit 'lagho' and for fun only, but that's what make up my life.

After this long rant, I still can't decide what the best is . Sigh! Yes, drive your live is difficult... and

May Allah ease me and you in making any decision. Pray to Allah, He never forget us.


riziaq said...

and we are also competing with biotech student studying in msia.

some univs and colleges offer 3years of study.

good luck for all of us! :D

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

itu la yang aku ckap almost 1000+ per year tuh.. rmai woo..