Monday, August 1, 2011

Ramadhan Updates

1. Sorry for abandon this blog for quite a while.I was quite busy working and enjoying the summer! I'll complete the travelog for Kelana Convoy later.

2. Ramadhan just came. This year, I'll complete my Ramadhan in Malaysia, InsyaAllah. Let's makes this Ramadhan one of the best Ramadhan we ever encounter.

3. We talked about Kurma (dates) yesterday. It brings back the memory where Adlil and I count the dates that we have during the first year so that it can last until the end of Ramadhan. It teach me that I have to appreciate things that I take for granted before.

4. De' Mall will close for 3 days. Do come to break fast at 4th Ramadhan, okay?

5. Last week I went to Malaysia vs Singapore game in Bukit Jalil. Sang National anthem with other 90, 000 Malaysian people was awesome! It makes me love Malaysia more! Haha...

6. But still, Malaysian people, do change your attitude. Boo-ing during Singapore anthem and throwing bottles to the field was not nice, okay?

7. Lose weight during Ramadhan? Errrr...., yeah will do!!

8. Note to self, do upgrade your Ibadah and Istiqamah in doing it. InsyaAllah.

That's it for now! 
See you guys later!

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