Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Privilege Walk

Assignment: Imagine you and other classmates are in a same starting line across a hall. Then this 20 statements are read one at a time. Where will you end up in compared to your other friends? 
  1. If you have both parent still alive, take one step forward. 
  2. If you have a house to live in, take one step forward. 
  3. If you ever go to bed hungry because the fridge is empty, take on step backward. 
  4. If you still have food in you fridge, take one step forward. 
  5. If you and your sibling go to school, take one step forward.
  6. If you have a health insurance, take one step forward.
  7. If your family has a car, take a step forward. 
  8. If your family rent a house/apartment, take a step backward.
  9. If you get a new cloth for every Eid Celebration, take one step forward. 
  10. If you ever break your fast in a hotel/restaurant, take one step forward.
  11. If your parent give you money to go to movies and hang out, take one step forward. 
  12. If you ever had a part time job just to support your family, take one step backward. 
  13. If you ever experience divorce of your parent, take one step backward. 
  14. If you are not illiterate, take one step forward. 
  15. If you ever tried to change your appearance, speech or mannerisms to gain more credibility, take one step backward.
  16. If you have servant to clean the house and cook, take one step forward. 
  17. If your mother voluntarily unemployed, take one step forward.
  18. If you have as Astro in your house, take one step forward.
  19. If you have more than 4 shoes, take one step forward. 
  20. If you have $5 in your pocket, take one step forward.
  21. If you able to read this, take one step forward. 

Think about position that you might end up and press Ctrl + A to read the conclusion

This activity aims to make you realize how fortunate you are among your surrounding. 

For the one who think he/she will be in the back, just remember that the hardship and your series of unfortunate event were the one that shape you to be what you are. Being in the back does not means your life is sucks, or maybe your past life is better that the people in the front. 

For the one in the middle, you should feel fortunate and glad to have what you had before. You are still considered lucky compared to the people behind you. If you felt your life is hard and sucks, change the perception now. 

For the one in front group, you are among the luckiest in the world. However, don't look down to the people behind you. You be in the front row because of your parents hardwork and not yours. You might not experience the tough life, or your life are full with love. Just remember this is not for forever. 

Anyway, wherever did you end up, you still can change it. It's depend on you!


sKiRafaRgEek said...

wow..i like the ctrl A part..nice one though..sometime, we forget things that have..and we might as well appreciate it when we lose it..

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

I seen someone did it (ctrl+A)before me. I just copying from him.

Yes. we need need to appreciate everything. consider ourself lucky in whatever situation.