Sunday, December 4, 2011

Challenges Updated

  1. I know I abandoned this blog for a very long time. I just did not have the courage anymore. Too much thing going on, maybe. 
  2. When I feel ready to close this 2011 books and start to have a new book written, it just did not happen. Allah add another challenges to be written in the 2011 book. It's somehow is heartbreaking, but I believe that it is still in my capabilities. That is Allah's promise. 
  3. On the bright side, this challenges that had come and that is coming are the one that make me stronger. 
  4. Thanks to a friend that had wake me up from a deep sleep. You opened my eyes, bro! You wake me up at the right time. I just can't thanks you enough. Do tell me if I stray again. 
  5. Maybe I just 'lagho' to much before and keep denying the future. Thanks again, friend. 
  6. I already set a goal. This is a long lasting objective that need consistent effort! O Allah, help me in this! 
  7. I remembered a verse describe about how can you say you believe, even though you are not tested yet.
  8. I might not be strong enough to calm down when something happened, but deep inside, I hope I do. The rage is just can't be control fully yet. 
  9. I am not sigh-ing for the challenges. Things happen for a reason. 
  10. Life decision is hard. I just found one solution for this. Set an objective, and whatever you do, make sure that it benefits you toward the objective. You'll find the way. InsyaAllah. 
  11. I really hope that 'istiqamah' will follow me with this. The end is still unclear, but the light is there. If it is not the expected one, I accept it. But who is me to expect and decide. Pray for it though. 
  12. Husnul dzan dan berlapang dada! InsyaAllah.
  13. Penn State organize this great program very very well indeed. Congratulations guy. 

Thats the only updates that I managed to write when I skip the tazkirah session for a reason...:P 

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~W.A.H.I.E~ said...

Allah is always together with His slave who work really hard in blooming Ad-Deenul Islam all over..Keep Faith!.. [At-Taubah:20] This verse might also help..:)

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

thanks sis. jzkk