Thursday, November 1, 2012

Of Cruelty and Inner Me

I am standing in front of the tree,
Looking at the hive of the bee,
Trying hard to sneak around the leaf,
To reach the top and be free.

There is a time of the dark,
Where I was afraid to try my luck,
Crossing the road in NYC,
Without looking left or right to see.

There is a hand on the opposite side,
Waving left and right calling for me,
The face was unclear and blurry
Drive the curiosity all over me. 

In need to quench the thirst of curiosity,
I was about to cross the car sea,
Until there is whisper that say to me,
There’s nothing there actually.

If it was just me, nothing will happened to the knee,
Nailed straight down to the earth by destiny,
Freeze out by the wind of the city,
I’m surrounded by the thirst of curiosity.

Suddenly there is force that pushed the back,
The next time I realize, I was back on track,
With adrenaline rushed through my throat and neck,
I cross the road without looking back.

I look around to find the force,
That helps me to go through the course,
Nothing out there that resemble the force,
Except for me of course.

It could be me,
The inner me,
To push the threshold,
Of man and humanity.

The success is near yet far,
Block by the bee in the middle of the war,
Discourage every patriot that doesn’t pass the par.
Of self esteem, courage and everything in the jar.

Hey my inner me,
Lets climb this tree,
So that we could be happy,
Living out of this cruelty.

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