Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Shattered Mirror.

Did we ever consider that the broken mirror can be a whole again?

Or maybe we are more concern about the crack that left rather than about the mirror that reform?

Lets put the shattered glass together again, shall we?

So that I could see an image of myself again, not 2, and not 3. Not even thousand!

To make sure I can still see myself from a perspective.

And I don't have to move myself left and right, to fit my whole image into the broken glass.

Even so, I still couldn't fit my whole self into all of the shattered glass either.

But why the mirror was broken at the first place?

Was that a rock thrown that directly hit the mirror?

Or was that resonance that vibrates the mirror so violently that shattered all the glass away?

Or was that the pieces were too old to hold themselves together and suddenly broken away?

I don't have a clue or a glue. I wish I had.

Does it makes any different for now?

As the shattered glasses were swept away, by the wind of time?

I want to catch every pieces of it, keep it in a safe place. Until the time I had the glue.

But it were broken glasses for God's sake. Hurting myself more if I try to catch it.

Don't worry, the story does not end here. Same goes to the sadness.

Here come the sad part.

I don't remember how I look like in those mirror.

To rephrase that, I don't remember when the last time I look through the mirror.

I sometimes don't notice the mirror was there.

I don't clean them from dust, put them up to be seen.

I walked through the mirror back and forth, without stopping to appreciate it.

One day, it shattered away.

Speechless? I am. Crying? Done that.

It just because I don't appreciate it when its there!

Talking about past wasn't doing any good, right?

The mirror will not resemble again despite the words and tears.

So lets talk about reality.

I have shattered glasses everywhere, that seems hard to be resembled.

Maybe it's good to leave it that way.

or trying to find the clue and live with it.

or trying to find the glue and put it together.

It doesn't seem easy in near future though.

Finding a new mirror? No it is irreplaceable.

No definite solution might best describe the situation.

That's fine for now, I'll live with it.

La Tahzan, Innallaha Ma'ana.

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