Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter Break Finale: The Ibrah

This winter break will come to its end in 2 days. Well it is kind of mixed feeling inside here as sometimes I wish for more longer holiday for homeworks and sometimes I wish it was over so that I would not wasting time doing nothing. 2 weeks seems pretty short considering I was travelling for a week. Anyway Vermont was awesome!

Those were not the thing that I was thinking to write about. This 2 weeks holiday seems pretty short, but full of lessons. Life lessons.  A valuable one I shall say. 

An advice from a friend:
Do you want to build a building with a broken foundation and hoping it will sustain forever? 
 The words explained by itself I suppose. Anyway, lets build a whole new foundation and make sure it is stronger this time, shall we? Speaking of truth, to demolish a building and start it over wasn't that easy.'Tetapkan hati' is the key!
Oh by the way, thanks for the advice, brother!

Somebody questioned me why I seems to have lots of problem even though our immediate surrounding was almost the same. Same school, same degree and same circle of friend. I couldn't think of an answer at that particular time, but now I had one. Be glad (Bersyukur)! Allah chose me and not you. I'm glad that Allah chose me to face the challenges. You should be glad that Allah didn't choose you to face the problem. We don't know how much burden that we could put into our shoulder, but Allah knows.

Stowe mountain was awesome, the trail was tempting. But the mountain also showed me to know your limits. Malay proverbs, "Ikut hati mati, ikut badan binasa". There was one time that I really want to go up the mountain, but I know that I was not fit anymore to go down the trail. My way down was horrible, felt down every 2 minutes. After I finished my horrible way down, I was eager to go back up again. Just because there was still one hour and a half left before the mountain closed even though I knew that I will be killing myself to go down later. I finally decided its enough. I need to consider my obligation to my own body over the desire. The desire can be destructive sometimes.
Stowe, Vermont! 
Here is several things about advice. Everyone needs it, there is no reason that someone can't give advice to somebody else. Anyway, there are several things that need to be considered. Don't simply tell someone you need to be patient, accept what happened! If someone ask for advice, s/he already did those thing beforehand. There are also skills in giving advice, using personal experiences seem to work best as it kind of proven that it work and might work again. For the person who seeks advises, choose the person you refer to  so that they can give a good advice or you might ended up frustrating on the advise you get.

"Lepak-ing" and talking about current and futures issues with fellow friends was a nice way to fill up the free time. But talking about constructive issue, it would turn your free time into a valuable one. Tim Horton again, anyone?
Kedai Mamak, US edition. 

I could go on and on to list what I had learned for this two weeks, but this is it for now.

Oke bye!

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