Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yes, it's free

We paid for the diseases, yet the cures are free....
Yesterday, during the usrah, someone re-qoute this statement, originally said by a muallaf. Can you get what meaning relies behind this simple qoute?

 If you wondered what this qoute is all about. Try to recall back sin that you had done before? Does it cost you money? Or at least it buy you your calm feeling as you feel uncomfortable doing a sin?

Marilah kembali kepada fitrah!
Hey!  Remember, the Cures is always free. It just cost you your time. Time to repent, time to be with you Creator, time to be with you Forgiver, time to be with Allah.

May Allah grant us forgiveness for all our wrongdoing. May Allah leads us the right path to Him. Ameen...