Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dah Grad

Maka dengan ini, diisytiharkan bahawa pelajar-pelajar tajaan Mara dan JPA sudah menamatkan pengajian di Institut Tarian dan Seni Kebudayaan  Rochester. Mereka telah menamatkan pengajian dengan thesis yang amat memberangsangkan. Berikut adalah sedikit cuit-cuit tentang thesis mereka.

Thesis dimulakan dengan dikir barat!
Puteri Hang Lipo datang melawat
Sultan mencari damai di kampung...
Berjumpa pula dengan penunggu gunung...

Akhirnya berjumpa Si Puteri...
7 dulang enggan dipenuhi, sultan berundur membawa diri...

Ke borneo sultan pergi, puteri berbunuh kerana dengki...

Tun diculik lanun hantu
Sultan menolong tiada berbantu
Pantang menyerah sebelum darah
Demi untuk Tun Fatimah!

Rakyat gembira berdansa berdansi
Siaplah thesis kali ini!
For those who missed that night, this might add some values to your lost!

Dear Malaysian students, After being personally invited by my students, I had the wonderful pleasure of attending the Malaysian Night yesterday evening. Thank you so much for taking the time and exerting the energy to put this on for your fellow students and faculty at R.I.T.  It was truly an enriching experience.

The musical play based on the search for love by Sultan Azuraddin Shah was delightful and fascinating.  The tale was mystical and spellbinding...how the Sultan is lonely, but gives his first love, a Chinese Princess away to the one she loves in an act of kindness, then how he rises to the challenge of a Fairy Princess (a goddess in other cultures I think) with the amazing feats of strength and cunning to win her, only to adhere to his principles, allowing only unconditional love.  Then the sad tale of meeting two lovely mystical princesses who kill each other as a result human nature, and then coming to the incredible story of how the Sultan slays a gang of pirates to free a simple village woman who helps him, and how they fall in love.  I think it is an amazing tale and am still spellbound by the acting and the amazing dancing and music.

The acting was fabulous, the dancers were talented and energetic, the choreography was stunning, the costumes and props  amazing !  It combined a great mixture of acting, music and delightful humor!   The amount of time and work you must have all put into this and your standing ovation at the end was very well deserved.
Congratulations on a truly remarkable performance and - thanks for the treats after the show too ! 

Dr. Hans Schmitthenner, adjunct prof in Chemistry


Atikah Adnan said...

Aku sepatutnya pergi sana kalau tak kerja. Hmm takde rezeki. Thesis batch korang silalah buat lagi best ye. InsyaAllah aku mesti datang! :D

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

Haha..xpe xde rezeki, tgok la video nnti ade kat fb!

bri_boomer said...

nice photos paan! ko gune camera ape eh?

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

thanks! aku gune sony nex3