Friday, June 17, 2011


I just arrived in London this evening. It's a bit cold than I expected.

The journey was not so good. I'll not recommend Iceland Express to anyone afterward. It worth to spend a hundred buck more to buy flight from other companies. Seriously it is worth it. For a better legroom and an entertainment set, I'll definitely go for others next time.  
There is a poster at the Iceland Airport that says "Everything is hay during the hard time". It is mainly due to the weather to grow crops and feed livestock I guess. I wondered people there ever had a heat from sun. The weather there was like during the transition between Fall and Winter in the US. It was a nice and beautiful land though. Asnida said that the ocean there was frozen. Oh no, I miss that! One more thing, the Subuh prayer start at 2am, Maghrib at 12am, and Isya' was at 1am. You get how long was the day for them?

During the flight, I was listening to my Ipod and I realized the fact that the last time I really listened to the song in the Ipod was when I still working as custodian. Oh I miss that! I miss Rochester! By the way, to the Rochester people, we'll meet again soon. To seniors, maybe yesterday morning was the last day for us to meet each other, anyway, good luck in the your future endeavor.

I never been in a big city like NYC or London itself before. I can feel the busy-ness here!I'll be exploring the city tomorrow, and after that the journey for Conquest of Europe will begin!

Sunset in London...
 Good night!

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