Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer's update...

 1. Midwest was awesome. Although we did not win any games, but Budu Sedak was still the best. Lets try again next year.

RIT contingent.
2. Had a great time in the car as well. To Izzat, Ainina, Syamimi, Rizi, and Nabihah; we really had a great time, and I learned a lot from you guys. It was a memorable trip indeed, as we talked about what happened in the car again and again after the trip.

ice rain!
3.The hail at Ohio during my way to Michigan was unforgettable experience. It did really scare me or maybe everyone in the car. Thanks to Allah as we all safe. Wait, one windshield had cracked!

The cracked winshield!
4. I love having a roadtrip. It opens your mind and widens your horizon. Thank you guys!

5. Congratulations to the comittee members of MWGi 2011. You guy did a really good job. It was such a nice experience.

6. It was also nice to see my friends again after a year or so. Till we meet again friends... To you-know-who-you-are, thanks again for the short meeting.

7. Summer classes had begun. Oh wait, I'm not taking any. I do care because it was most likely that I'm the only one at home...@.@

8. Did I tell you that life without car when you used to have one was not fun? Yes, it is. By the way, I'm glad I did have everything else in this world. Thanks Allah.

In memories...
9. The big event is just around the corner. At last, Europe here I come. I'm thinking to make a travelog for this Euro trip but it still depends on the internet connection there.

10. I'm leaving in a week! Bye-bye Rochester!

P/s: Pictures are from Facebook.Do check it out on my profile.

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