Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kelana Convoy: Day 10 and 11

I'm back again. I'll compiled both day 10 and 11 in one post as there's nothing much to say on day 10.

Day 10
We pack our stuff in the morning in Italy and went to Swiss. The journey took the whole day. Well, the weather was nice and the view were awesome! The mountain and green field all around resemble the greatness of our Creator.

That night, we did some photo session, write name with lights! And below were some of the nicest

Day 11
Today, people scattered around Swiss. Some of them go to Interlaken using train, some of them go Jungfrau (the top), and some of them just spend time in Kleine Schneideg (Halfway). Me, along with Nadiah and her family were going to the top while Sha and As going to Interlaken.

The train going to the top cost about 142 Swiss Franc. That caused most of the people in the trip did not go to the top. For me, it was once in a lifetime experience, so I went there :).

At the top, we visiting the Ice Palace where everything inside was made using ice.

Later, we went to see the Sphinx, it was quite a good view there.
It looks like human face!

Then, I went for skiing!! It was quite a disappointment as I thought the trail was a real, challenging trail, but it wasn't. It was just for recreational skiing. Anyway, where else you can get a chance to ski in summertime?

Anyway, the best picture of all

which way does the glasses go? in or out? 

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