Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall rant..

It's been quite a while since the last post. Sometimes, I did forget that I has this blog. Anyway, lets rant!

1. Fall 2011 is near its end. There are so many things happening around, and the time passed by faster and faster. School work, jobs, clubs, and friends keep me busy for the past 10 weeks. It fun though.

2. The knee are getting better. Ok it's a lie. The ligament will not grow back by itself. I am thinking about operation in the US, but still consider many other things.

3. Did I tell you that I've been in the best class ever in RIT? It's fun and impressive sometimes. Learn about the genetics behind diseases and the ethic and psychology to be a medical officer. I just meet a doctor this morning, and I can see that all those thing being applied.

4. I also don't see abortion as a bad term anymore. It's a bad practice, but there are many other reason for that. Anyway, bare in mind, abortion is haram in Islam generally.

5. I've read an article about Abortion and Islam. Malaysian Fatwa council decide that we could abort up to 120 days of pregnancy and no later than that. This because after 120 days, the fetus already has the "ruh", so to abort them is to kill them. Visit here for more info.

6. The marketing class was also fun! sometimes when you fall into certain ads, and buy the stuff and and regret it afterward?. Do you know how it feels when you learn things behind those ads. How to make it that way.I realize sometimes we just fall into the marketers trap.

7. I don't want to talk about Envi Microbe class. Let it be a secret. No more that Abang Lokman class after this.

8. Biochem online? Not recommended class, but still with a little hardwork, A's is possible.

9. Finals week are coming in 2 days. 4 finals and a paper is the worst I had so far. Another weeks in the library and I'm done!!

10. The mother nature give a 5 minutes sneak peek of snow today! Welcome back Mr. Snow!

11. Enough for the rant! let get the work started..

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