Wednesday, September 1, 2010

English please?

Dear Turkish, 

I know that you can live with your own language, you can't build a develop country with you own language unlike Malaysia. However, now I'm here at your Istanbul International Aiport, can't do several thing that easily been done when you used English. I would like to subcribe for internet here (TTNet Wifi) but I can't do it as I do not understand the instruction. Yes, you provide the subscription page with English translation, but I can't find any in your FAQ page and How To Use page. (I think I got the link correctly. Sorry I Don't understand it). I also can't understand your menu except several familiar word like nugget and etc. I am currently at the international departure hall, so using of English language is proper.. I'm not writing this as to offense anyone, just writing my concern. I been here twice already. 

By the time this post is published, I already leaving Istanbul. Once again, I did not want to offend anyone, but just writing my thought. 

I canceled the schedules post and republished it now. I just don't have a good feeling about it before. 

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