Wednesday, September 1, 2010

of Kosher Meal and 10 hours flight....

I book a flight from an online agent from JFK to MAS. As I did not know which airline that I will be in at first, I request for special meals. My friend who bought Cathay Pacific Flight choose Moslem meal. However, this online agent did not have that option. So, I decided to take Kosher Meal at last. 

So when I board the Turkish flight to Istanbul 3 month ago, they did not have that special meal i guess because nothing about the special meal mention by the crew. Then when I board the MAS flight, they gave me the special meal ticket. I was like I boarding a Muslim Airliner and I will eat kosher food. I did not offense or doesn't like the kosher food, but as a Muslim, Halal food should be first priority. Luckily the steward was concern about that matter and I ask him to cancel the kosher meal option. I was relieve as I can enjoy the delicious meal in the plane. Yes, MAS airline provide you with delicious meal, at least, the most delicious one that you can get when you are at 40000 feet above the sea level. Case resolved.

Then, yesterday when I was at the KLIA airport to check in, the attendant there ask me to confirm that I ask for the special meals. She said, it can't be canceled anymore. Then, I think I can't cancel it on the plane as I did before. However, I CAN'T. Can you imagine I eat meals that is pack for last long, they freeze it and reheat it when they want to give it to me. The meals can last till 2012, so it like an instant food, without preservative anfd other. The more interesting fact is the person next to you eat the delicious Halal Nasi Lemak and Nasi Minyak. How depress I am. I really don't mind if those food is not Halal and I got the Kosher food, but it is the other way round. 

Now, I already in Turkish Airline Plane, and I hope they would give me the usual food that I used to eat 3 month ago. Who knows I got another Kosher Meal box again. 

I did not fast during the travel because the facts that I would fast almost 20 to 22 hours before I can break fast. This due to the time in USA which is late 12 hours than Malaysia. 

That's all the rambling while transit here. Got to go. Bye.

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