Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I do enjoy the first 2 days of class. Maybe because of the back-to-school spirits. But one of the lecturer talks so slow, I wish I can survive two hours in his class.

What's missing??
My management accounting class is super awesome. The lecturer used to apply the same class format as the last quarter class, and guess what, I did get the take-home exams and effort-based homework. The homework did count 45% of the course percentage and just submit all of it is enough. No need to be right for the answer. The exams, we get 2, yes TWO full weeks to do it. Nice one prof.

Now I'm jobless. I tried to contact my former supervisor for about two weeks but still no answer. It is pathetic to say this, but I officially self-declared myself to be jobless now. I tried to get another job soon. I already applied for tutor position and still waiting.

Who doesn't? Did we have duty free books?
The books are too expensive. One subject is about 200 USD and use it for 3 month minus the exam weeks and other, it just about 7 weeks. 30 dol per weeks or 15 dolar per class. That's expensive for us. But we came out with some economical solution. Either rent the books or buy the ebook and share it among 5 people. Excellent!!

Tonight will be the last night of Ramadhan. The last terawih for this year. I really hope to meet another Ramadhan next year.

Happy Eidfitri everyone. This year, I will celebrate it in Orgo and cell bio class.  Nevermind, that's a pricless experience is it? (I tried to think as positive as I can). Or maybe this will be some sort of practice so that I will not be so sad when have to celebrate eid in my wife's kampung later... Haha...

I think I have an ideal time to update the blog. It is in the morning before class. Hope to published more post soon. 

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