Monday, August 16, 2010

Singgah Sahur...

5 days of Ramadan, I'm enjoying every second of it. I think this year I feel easy to go for terawih. In the past, 8 rakaat of terawih is hard sometimes to complete. Thank you ALLAH.

15 days more in Malaysia. I really did not want to go back there. I feel like nowadays life is great enough. However, without even a degree or a permanent job, I'll not survive. Don't worry, I'll be back to the States and complete the degree no matter what.

I have an idea about a big vacation next year. A really big and gargantuan one. When I said it big, I mean the-one-and-only-in-a-lifetime vacation. I hope I could save enough money to make it work which I still doubt whether I can or not. We'll see it soon.
I will. Hehe.
I hope for a Tutor position next Fall. But I will work as custodian too. I really hope to get both. I been in the US for study by the way. I remember that.

WORK hard and STUDY smart. I won't left my study behind. Yeah, I would sacrifices things that disturb my study. But working is not one of it yet.  :P
If you read carefully, note what I did during Eidul Fitri day. 
One interesting yet not-so-important-but-did-I-care fact is, I never been in KL for 2 month for my own agenda. I been there twice but both with family. I feel like I travel much enough though. And I think I won't be there this summer except when I want to go back to the States.

I already self-declared retired from the restaurant job. Ok I lied. My father will preferably hope I'll be at the restaurant whenever I free. I will, dad. Well, when I think it back again, it's for my own good too. So, it never be a burden, forever. I learned a lot there, and more to come.

A very big clap to all A-level students that pass their exams with flying colours. At least 2 of them are my friends. To Asyikin Ishak and Mohd Hafiz, another congratulations to both of you. Good luck in UK guys.

I have a friend. Her name is Asnida. She will be flying to the State in 4 days. I used to tease her by texting a countdown message to her to remind when she will be flying off. But today I decide to put it here. Haha.
 I found this pic in the phone's memory. Never thought that we have a pic together.
Almaklumlah waktu ni kan both un*********. Haha.
Anyway, Good Luck to all ACTP student that will be flying off to United States tomorrow and any other time. May you all success in your field. To people who did not get their visa yet, pray and tawakal, may Allah grant your wishes and will flying soon. Allah knows the best for us.

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