Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kelana Convoy: Day 5

So now, it was day 5. Last night it was rain heavily, even the cooking tent almost being flew away. At that night, in the cooking tent, I along with the guys that joined the trip held the tent to its position and also open cafe for drinks. I started to know the guys better that night! It was a wonderful night indeed. The nasi lemak also was delicious!

During the day, we went to Innsbruck. It was quite a small town in Austria yet it is the capital city for the state of Tyrol. In Innsbruck, we get a chance to see the Golden Roof. The roof was not actually made by gold, but the copper plate and gold coating. It is a symbol of greatness for the King at that time.
The golden roof and a silver women! 
The invisible. 

Another monument in innsbruck!
We also had a chance to buy Swarovski product here. It was quite cheap compare to the other places. If I'm not mistaken, the Crystal World exhibit was closed due to renovation, so it was quite a dissapointment for us. Anyway, many of the people in my trip get Swarovski product here, or at least a Swarovski Keychain for 12 euro. Not me! XD P/s: too bad no swarovski picture was taken.

We also visited Bergisel, the ramp for ski jump for Winter Olympic 2012 I think. The architect for the ramp was Malaysian.
Bergisel jump!

 These were the pictures around Innsbruck!

Team USA

The scenery in Austria is very stunning. There quite a lot of mountain along the road. I just love it.

Nice one!
After Austria, we were on our way to Italy! Tomorrow would be nice with Venice as our destination!
Sorry for the late post! See you again tomorrow!

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