Monday, July 11, 2011

Kelana Convoy: Day 6

Yesterday, after setting up tent at Camping Fusina campsite, we had a chance to play soccer with some men at the campsite. It was ]a great time as I haven't play soccer for quite some time. I also get to know other people better too that time.
The destination for today was Venice! We got a chance to watch The Tourist on our way to Italy yesterday. The view of Venice from the movie was nice indeed. However, the crew tell us don't put high expectation on Venice. So we did.

Piattzza St Marco 
In Venice, we visited the Lace factory, a traditional handmade craft. The craft takes forever to finish. The handmade craft was nice but expensive!

This tablecloth take 8 month to complete by 7 lady!
It cost 1000 Euro!!!
Next, we had a chance ride the Gondola. A must-do-thing in Venice! It was quite nice. By the way, our boatman was not so friendly. I've heard other boatman told the passenger about the history and others. Anyway, thanks to the boatman, we had a chance to be around the Venice!
Our gondola!
Thanks Gondola-man!

Venice was not as nice as being picture in the movie. The route was too crowded and you can get lost in there. The maps given was useless when you arrive in the city itself. The interesting thing is, if I got this right, there were no land transports in Venice including bike.

After coming back from Venice to the campsite, I had a chance to snap the sunset view. Subhanallah it was a nice view.

 Ok next stop! Florence!

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