Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kelana Convoy: Day 7

So today we had a chance to visit Florence. Oh wait, did I mention about some foreigner selling fake handbags and glasses around Italy? It is just the same with Malaysia where we can get the fake stuff everywhere. But beware, never ever dare to ask the price from them, you'll not get away easily. They'll keep asking and asking, and even follow you as you walk.
I love you!
We spend about two hours around Florence, which I would say it was not enough. We arrive at the next campsite a bit early that day, so it would be best if we could stay a bit longer!

To enter Florence, we had to pay the visitor tax. It was 300 Euro for a bus! In Florence, there we handmade handbags and other leather stuff that as good as the designers. You can also shop for gold in Florence. It was at Pento Vecchio, where all the shop along the brigde was a gold shop.
Ponte Vecchio

There were also Ulfidzi museum and forgot-the-name cathedral.Many Michelangelo arts was here. I didn't read the history about Florence, so yeah.  By the way, enjoy the picturesss!

I found BATA in Italy...

The Duomo...
Did I tell you there are many naked sculpture in Italy?
Here's one of it...

See you tomorrow for more naked sculpture!!

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arif@muntada.com.my said...

Dear, we plan to visit Florence and Venice in May. DO you happen to remember where is your camping site near Venice, Rome and also Pisa? Appreciate your soonest reply.

Many thanks

Arif Ghazali