Friday, July 8, 2011

Kelana Convoy: Day 3

We had to pack up our camp in the morning. The process started to get fast as everybody get used to pack up their tent and people started to helping each other out. The destination of the day was Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Frankfurt is among the biggest and busiest city in Germany. 
Conquest of Europe
18 June to 2 July 2011
First we stopped at the big Euro sign at the European Central bank. This was the place where they (Kelana convoy trip) usually took a group picture. We had one too! Then, we had 2 hours to walk around Frankfurt. 
I like thisone..
Frankly speaking, there were nothing much to see. We had a chance to go to the top of one shopping mall to view the Frankfurt from above. From there, we can see clearly the old and new Frankfurt. I forgot what Mr Khairul explanation, but I'm pretty sure that they both were separated by the Main River. 
The new Frankfurt
The old Frankfurt
Two hours was enough to stay at Frankfurt I guess, unless you want to do some real shopping! There was sale in 2 3 places too. Later of the day, we went to the camp site somewhere along the road between Frankfurt and Nauchweinstein Castle. 
Frankfurt from above


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