Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kelana Convoy: Day 2

The day started with bad news. Maybe some drunken people had sabotage the bus. The emergency door had been open and it can’t be closed. So we can’t get to the places as planned. We ended up using one bus back and forth to pick up people. The destinations for the day were Volendam and Amsterdam!
The clog collections
The first stop was the Clog and Cheese factory. The clog is a wooden shoe, a traditional shoe for the Holland people. It seems practical to use the shoe, but it was quite hard for people nowadays. I heard that the clog was about to extinct. The cheese was good. The taste of the cheese was difference on what I usually had back in US. The fact that cheese could be as hard as rock was quite surprising anyway!

The collection of cheeses
Then, we stopped at one of the traditional windmill for several pictures.
The Windmill
After that, we were heading to Volendam. There was a diamond presentation and also Holland traditional clothes photo session. I could not get a chance to go for the photo session as there are too many people at that time. The view in Volendam was nice, the lake and many boat add up some points to the beautiful scenery.
Donar Kebab!
I got the chance to taste the Donar Kebab, the one that Boss, Najmi and Erin had been talking about. I am not sure if it was the one, but the name was Donar Kebab and it was awesome!

The Smallest house, 1m wide..
In the evening, we went to Amsterdam. First, we went for sightseeing by river cruise. It was a disappointment. Kelana Convoy should not ever recommend that I think.  Btw, we got a chance to see the smallest house, 1m wide. The tax for house was based on the wide of the house, so the people who live inside pay the "cukai pintu" the least tax ever! 

As we got only 4 hours to spend in Amsterdam, and the river cruise took about 1 hour to finish, I would not recommend the river cruise at all. By the way, I was able to go to the I amsterdam statue and the red light district even spend just a little time in both places.
I amsterdam
Holland is popular with its regulation that allows drug and prostitution if I am not mistaken. The red light district, as the name suggest, had many room or door with a red light at the top of it. The red light indicates that there are prostitute inside the room. I had seen someone negotiate with the prostitute. Well, I forgot to take the picture of how the red light rooms look like. 


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