Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kelana Convoy: Day 1

The journey starts at Park Lane, London. The bus picked us up at somewhere around 8.30 am and we are straightly heading to Amsterdam. UK and other European countries are separated by sea. After 3 hours journey, we arrive at the border of UK. The bus get into a train and the train brought us to France using underwater railways through the sea. It's call Eurotunnel.
Bus in the Eurotunnel (credit to Ziyad)

After that we stopped at the Chocolate factory in Belgium. The chocolate there was nice and at reasonable price. But beware, if you bought a chocolate from here, watch out for gelatin in the chocolate. Some of them might have it. 
Hello Yogi bear!

Especially for you, my love...<3

After the chocolate factory, we were heading straight to the campsite called, Amsterdame Bose! In the bus, there was an ice breaking session where everyone gets a chance to introduce themselves. It was the first times where all of us need to set up camp and also find a tent-mate. The camp site had free wi-fi, which was the only campsite that has it throughout the trip. The day ends with ice breaking session with several other people.

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miss asnida hani said...

Amsterdam se boss. Pling suke camp site ni.